Baterija Green Cell za Acer Aspire AS09A41 AS09A51 5532 5732Z 5734Z / 11, V 4400mAh

Green Cell Baterija za prenosnik Acer Aspire 5241, Acer Aspire 5332, Acer Aspire 5334, Acer Aspire 5532, Acer Aspire 5532Z, Acer Aspire 5541
Kapaciteta: 4400 mAh; Napetost: 11,1 V (10,8 V); Število celic: 6

This product is no longer available.

Green Cell GCL.AC21 GCL.AC21
Green Cell

Capacity: 4400 mAh;Voltage: 11.1V (10.8V);Number of cells: 6;Cells technology: Li-Ion;Colour: Black;Overdischarge protection: Yes;Overcharge protection: Yes;Product code: AC21;Size: 208x54x20mm;Weight: 300g ;Compatibility list: ;Compatible with following battery models : AK.006BT.025,AS09A31,AS09A41,AS09A51,AS09A56,AS09A61,AS09A71,AS09A73,AS09A75,AS09A90,BT.00603.037,BT.00603.076,BT.00604.030,BT.00605.019,BT.00605.036,BT.00607.014,BT.00607.020,BT.00607.068,MS2267,MS2273,MS2274,MS2285 ;Compatible with following devices : Packard Bell EasyNote,Acer Aspire 5241,Acer Aspire 5332,Acer Aspire 5334,Acer Aspire 5532,Acer Aspire 5532Z,Acer Aspire 5541,Acer Aspire 5541ANWXMi,Acer Aspire 5541G,Acer Aspire 5732,Acer Aspire 5732Z,Acer Aspire 5732ZG,Acer Aspire 5734,Acer Aspire 5734Z,Acer Aspire 7315,Acer Aspire 7715,Acer Aspire 7715Z,eMachines E525,eMachines E527,eMachines E725,eMachines E727,Gateway ID54,Gateway ID56,Gateway ID56 M92,Gateway ID56 UMA,Gateway NV52,Gateway NV53,Gateway NV54,Gateway NV5421U,Gateway NV5423U,Gateway NV5425U,Gateway NV5435U,Gateway NV5453U,Gateway NV5462U,Gateway NV5465U,Gateway NV5468U,Gateway NV5469ZU,Gateway NV5470U,Gateway NV5471U,Gateway NV5473U,Gateway NV5474U,Gateway NV5478U,Gateway NV56,Gateway NV5602U,Gateway NV5606U,Gateway NV5610U,Gateway NV5613U,Gateway NV5614U,Gateway NV5615U,Gateway NV58,Gateway NV5807U,Gateway NV5810U,Gateway NV5814U,Gateway NV5815U,Gateway NV5820U,Packard Bell MS2267,Packard Bell MS2273,Acer Aspire 4332,Acer Aspire 4732Z,Acer Aspire 5516,Acer Aspire 5517,Acer Aspire 7710,eMachines D525,eMachines D725,eMachines E430,eMachines E625,eMachines E627,eMachines E630,eMachines G430,eMachines G525,eMachines G625,eMachines G627,eMachines G630,eMachines G630G,eMachines G725,Gateway NV5216U,Gateway NV5302U,Gateway NV5331U,Gateway NV5332U,Gateway NV5333U,Gateway NV5334U,Gateway NV5335U,Gateway NV5336U,Gateway NV5337U,Gateway NV5356U,Gateway NV5362U,Gateway NV5369ZU,Gateway NV5370U,Gateway NV5373U,Gateway NV5376U,Gateway NV5378U,Gateway NV5380U,Gateway NV5381U,Gateway NV5383U,Gateway NV5384U,Gateway NV5385U,Gateway NV5386U,Gateway NV5387U,Gateway NV5388U,Gateway NV5389U,Gateway NV5390U,Gateway NV56R,Gateway NV59,Gateway NV5911U,Gateway NV5913U,Gateway NV5915U,Gateway NV5917U,Gateway NV5918U,Gateway NV5921U,Gateway NV5922U,Gateway NV5923U,Gateway NV5925U,Gateway NV5926U,Gateway NV5927U,Gateway NV5928U,Gateway NV5929U,Gateway NV5930U,Gateway NV5931U,Gateway NV5932U,Gateway NV5933U,Gateway NV52L,Gateway MS2285,Gateway MS2273,Gateway MS2274,Gateway ID58,Gateway ID58 N10,Gateway ID58 UMA,Gateway NV53A36U,Gateway NV5934U,Gateway NV5935U,Gateway NV5936U,Gateway NV5937U,Acer Aspire 4732,Acer Aspire MS2254,Acer Aspire MS2274,Acer Aspire MS2285,eMachines D727,Gateway MS2267,Gateway NV5207U,Gateway NV5211U,Gateway NV5212U,Gateway NV5213U,Gateway NV5214U,Gateway NV5215U,Gateway NV7802U

Specifications for Baterija Green Cell za Acer Aspire AS09A41 AS09A51 5532 5732Z 5734Z / 11, V 4400mAh

Kapaciteta 4400mAh
Punjači za mobilni
Napetost 11.1V (10.8V)
Power Tools
Tip baterije Li-ion
Laptop brendovi Acer

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