Baterija Green Cell za Asus A9 S9 S96 Z62 Z9 Z94 Z96 / 11,1V 6600mAh

Green Cell Baterija za prenosnik Asus Z53U, Asus A9RT, Advent 7093, Advent 7107, Aristo Prestige 1800, Asus A9, Asus A9000, Asus A9000RP, Asus A9000T
Kapaciteta: 6600 mAh; Napetost: 11,1 V (10,8 V); Število celic: 9

32,99 € 32,99 € 32.99 EUR

32,99 €

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Green Cell GCL.AS14 GCL.AS14
Green Cell

Capacity: 6600 mAh;Voltage: 11.1V (10.8V);Number of cells: 9;Cells technology: Li-Ion;Product code: AS14 ;Compatibility list: ;Compatible with following battery models : SQU-718,1034T-003,1916C4230F,261750,261751,2C.201S0.001,3UR18650F-2-QC11,87-M66NS-4C4,90-NFV6B1000Z,90-NFY6B1000Z,90-NIFY6B1000Z,90-NITLILD4SU,90-NITLILD4SU1,90-NITLILG2SU1,906C5040F,906C5050F,908C3500F,91-NASZ9LD4SU,916C4230F,916C4540F,916C5110F,916C5180F,916C5190F,916C5220F,916C5280F,916C5340F,916C7040F,957-1034T-003,A32-A9,A32-Z62,A32-Z84,A32-Z94,A32-Z96,BATEL80L6,BATEL8OL6,BATEL91L6,BATFL91L6,BATSQU511,BATSQU528,BTY-66,BTY-M61,BTY-M65,BTY-M66,BTY-M67,BTY-M68,CBPIL44,CBPIL48,CBPIL52,CBPIL72,CBPIL73,GC020009Y00,GC020009Z00,GC02000A000,GC02000AK00,GC02000AM00,GC02000AN00,GC02000AU00,GC02000AV00,ID6,ID6-2,ID6-2200,ID6-2600,ID9,M660NBAT-6,M740BAT-6,S91-0300240-CE1,S91-030024X-CE1,SQU-424,SQU-503,SQU-511,SQU-523,SQU-524,SQU-528,SQU-529,SQU-601,SQU-605,SQU-706 ;Compatible with following devices : Packard Bell EasyNote,Asus Z53U,Asus A9RT,Advent 7093,Advent 7107,Aristo Prestige 1800,Asus A9,Asus A9000,Asus A9000RP,Asus A9000T,Asus A9C,Asus A9RP,Asus A9T,Asus S62,Asus S62E,Asus S62EP,Asus S62FM,Asus S62FP,Asus S62J,Asus S9,Asus S96,Asus S96F,Asus S96H,Asus S96J,Asus S96JF,Asus S96JH,Asus S96JM,Asus S96JP,Asus S96JS,Asus S96S,Asus S97,Asus S97T,Asus S97V,Asus X56,Asus X56A,Asus X56K,Asus X56KR,Asus X56S,Asus X56SE,Asus X56SN,Asus X56T,Asus X56TA,Asus X56TR,Asus X56V,Asus X56VA,Asus X56VR,Asus Z53,Asus Z53E,Asus Z53F,Asus Z53H,Asus Z53J,Asus Z53JA,Asus Z53JC,Asus Z53JM,Asus Z53JP,Asus Z53JR,Asus Z53JV,Asus Z53K,Asus Z53L,Asus Z53M,Asus Z53P,Asus Z53S,Asus Z53SC,Asus Z53SE,Asus Z53T,Asus Z53TC,Asus Z62F,Asus Z62FM,Asus Z62J,Asus Z84,Asus Z84F,Asus Z84FM,Asus Z84J,Asus Z84JC,Asus Z84JP,Asus Z84JV,Asus Z9,Asus Z9400,Asus Z9400RP,Asus Z96,Asus Z9600,Asus Z9600J,Asus Z96AR,Asus Z96F,Asus Z96FM,Asus Z96H,Asus Z96HM,Asus Z96J,Asus Z96JF,Asus Z96JH,Asus Z96JM,Asus Z96JP,Asus Z96JS,Asus Z96S,Asus Z96SP,Asus Z9R,BenQ JoyBook R55,BenQ JoyBook R55E,BenQ JoyBook R55V,BenQ JoyBook R55VE,BenQ JoyBook R55VEG,BenQ JoyBook R55VU,California Access M158N,California Access M665,California Access M665SU,Compal FL90,Compal FL92,Greatwall T50,Maxdata Pro 6000I,Maxdata Pro 600IW,Maxdata Pro 6100I,Maxdata Pro 6100IW,Medion Akoya X7811,Medion MD97923,Medion MD97929,Medion MD98023,MSI EX400,MSI EX400X,MSI EX410,MSI EX610,MSI EX610X,MSI EX620,MSI EX620X,MSI EX623,MSI EX623X,MSI EX628,MSI EX628X,MSI EX629,MSI EX629X,MSI EX630,MSI EX630X,MSI EX720,MSI EX720X,MSI GE600,MSI GE600X,MSI GE603,MSI GT628,MSI GT628X,MSI GX400,MSI GX400X,MSI GX403,MSI GX403X,MSI GX610,MSI GX620,MSI GX623,MSI GX623X,MSI GX675X,MSI GX677X,MSI M660,MSI M660M,MSI M670,MSI M673,MSI M675,MSI MegaBook M655,MSI MegaBook M660,MSI MegaBook M660M,MSI MegaBook M662,MSI MegaBook M663,MSI MegaBook M670,MSI MegaBook M673,MSI MegaBook M675,MSI MegaBook M677,MSI MS,MSI PR600,MSI PR600X,MSI PR620,MSI PX600,MSI VR440,MSI VR600X,MSI VR602,MSI VR602X,MSI VR603X,MSI VX600,MSI VX600X,SEANIX HYRICAN M66SE,MSI GT720,MSI GT720X,MSI GT725,MSI GT725X,MSI GT729,MSI GT729X,MSI GT735,MSI GT735X,MSI GT740,MSI GT740X,MSI GX600,MSI GX600X,MSI GX630,MSI GX630X,MSI GX633,MSI GX633X,MSI GX640,MSI GX640X,MSI GX675,MSI GX677,MSI GX720,MSI GX720X,MSI GX730,MSI GX730X,Acer Quanta SW1,Advent 5401,Advent 6555,Advent 7111,Advent 7203,Advent 7206,Advent 8315,Advent 8555GX,Advent ERC430,Advent QC430,Advent QRC430,Advent QT5500,Asus A9R,Asus A9W,Asus S62H,Asus Z62,Asus Z62E,Asus Z62EP,Asus Z62FP,Asus Z62H,Asus Z62HA,Asus Z62JM,Asus Z94,Asus Z94G,Asus Z94L,Asus Z94R,Asus Z94RP,Asus Z94T,Clevo M66S,MSI CR400,MSI CR400X,MSI CR420,MSI CR420MX,MSI CR420X,MSI CX410,MSI CX420,MSI CX420MX,MSI CX420X,MSI EX460,MSI EX460X,MSI EX465,MSI EX465X,MSI EX600,MSI EX600X,MSI EX625,MSI EX625X,MSI M655,MSI M662,MSI M677,MSI M677V,MSI MegaBook GT627,MSI MegaBook M635,MSI PX600X,MSI VR430,MSI VR430X,MSI VR440X,MSI VR600,MSI VR601,MSI VR601X,MSI VR603,MSI VR610,MSI VR610X,MSI VR620,MSI VR620X,MSI VR630,MSI VR630X,CLEVO M660,CLEVO M661,CLEVO M665,CLEVO M670,CLEVO M677,COMPAL EL80,COMPAL EL81,COMPAL GL30,Acer Quanta TW3,Acer Quanta TW3A,Acer Quanta TW3M,Acer Quanta TW5,Advent 7555GX,Asus Asmobile AS62FM945GM1,Asus Asmobile AS62FP945GM1,Asus Asmobile AS62J945PM1,Asus Asmobile AS62JM945PM1,Asus Asmobile AS96F945GM1,Asus Asmobile AS96H662MX1,Asus Asmobile S62FM,Asus Asmobile S62Fp,Asus Asmobile S62J,Asus Asmobile S62JM,Asus Asmobile S96F,Asus Asmobile S96H,Asus Asmobile S96J,CHEM USA ChemBook,COMPAL GL31,COMPAL HEL80,COMPAL HEL81,COMPAL HGL30,COMPAL HGL31,Hasee HP500,Hasee HP640,Hasee HP650,Hasee HP930,Hasee T500R,Hasee W370T,Hasee W740T,Hasee W750T,JETTA JetBook 8500S,JETTA JetBook 9700P,JETTA JetBook 9700S,JETTA JetBook C250P,JETTA JetBook C250S,LG E500,LG F1,MAXDATA Imperio 8100IS,MEDION EX400,MEDION EX460,MEDION EX461,MEDION EX465,MEDION EX600,MEDION EX610,MEDION GT627,MEDION GT628,MEDION GT720,MEDION GT725,MEDION GT735,MEDION GT740,MEDION GX400,MEDION GX600,MEDION GX610,MEDION GX620,MEDION GX675,MEDION GX677,MEDION M655,MEDION M660,MEDION M662,MEDION M670,MEDION M673,MEDION M675,MEDION M677,MEDION MS1641,MEDION MS1642,MEDION MS1644,MEDION MS1651,MEDION MS1652,MEDION MS1656,MEDION MS1657,MEDION MS1671,MEDION MS1672,MEDION MS1676,MEDION MX625,MEDION MX720,MEDION PX600,MEDION VR430,MEDION VR440,MEDION VR600,MEDION VR601,MEDION VR610,MEDION VR630,MSI EnPower ENP,MSI GT620,MSI GT627,MSI GT627X,MSI GT62B,MSI GT640,MSI GT640X,MSI GX610X,MSI GX620X,MSI GX740,MSI GX740X,MSI M1034,MSI MS1034,MSI MS1039,MSI MS1432,MSI MS1451,MSI MS1613,MSI MS1632,MSI MS1633,MSI MS1634,MSI MS1636,MSI MS1637,MSI MS163D,MSI MS163K,MSI MS1644,MSI MS1651,MSI MS1652,MSI MS1721,MSI MS1722,MSI MS2264,MSI MS2265,MSI Megabook M1034,MSI Megabook VR600,MSI PXGOO,MSI S62,MSI VRG01,Medion Akoya E7811,Medion MD99000,Medion MSN 30010533,Medion MSN 30011020,Medion MSN 30011569,Medion MSN 30011643,Medion MSN 30011679,Medion MSN 30011690,Medion MSN 30011692,NTT Corrino 6021,NTT Corrino 619MU,NTT Corrino L617SU,NTT Corrino L690SR,NTT Corrino L709IS,NTT Corrino M762TU,NTT Corrino M765SU,PC CLUB EnPower,Schneider Hyrican M66SE,Seanix SeaNote SN238,Seanix SeaNote SN238A

Specifications for Baterija Green Cell za Asus A9 S9 S96 Z62 Z9 Z94 Z96 / 11,1V 6600mAh

Kapaciteta 6600mAh
Punjači za mobilni
Napon 11.1V (10.8V)
Power Tools
Tip baterije Li-ion
Laptop brendovi Asus

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