Baterija Green Cell za Asus G71 G72 F70 M70 Ks71 / 14,4V 4400mAh

Green Cell Baterija za prenosnik Asus F70, Asus F70S, Asus F70SL, Asus G72, Asus G72G, Asus G72GX, Asus G72T, Asus G72V
Kapaciteta: 4400 mAh; Napetost: 14,8 V (14,4 V); Število celic: 8

29,99 € 29,99 € 29.990000000000002 EUR GCL.AS44

29,99 €

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Green Cell GCL.AS44 GCL.AS44
Green Cell

Capacity: 4400 mAh;Voltage: 14.8V (14.4V);Number of cells: 8;Cells technology: Li-Ion;Colour: Black;Overdischarge protection: Yes;Overcharge protection: Yes;Product code: AS44;Size: 154x80x21mm;Weight: 400g ;Compatibility list: ;Compatible with following battery models : L082036,07G0165A1875,07G016WQ1865,15G10N3792T0,15G10N3792YO,70-NFU1B1000Z,70-NFU1B1100Z,70-NFU1B1300Z,70-NSQ1B1100PZ,70-NSQ1B1100Z,70-NSQ1B1200PZ,70-NSQ1B1200Z,70-NU51B1000Z,70-NU51B2100PZ,70-NU51B2100Z,90-NFU1B1000Y,90R-NTC2B1000Y,A32-F70,A32-M70,A41-M70,A42-M70,L0690LC,A32-F7O,A32-M7O,A41-M7O,A42-M7O ;Compatible with following devices : Asus F70,Asus F70S,Asus F70SL,Asus G72,Asus G72G,Asus G72GX,Asus G72T,Asus G72V,Asus N70,Asus N70S,Asus N70SV,Asus N90,Asus N90S,Asus N90SC,Asus N90SV,Asus Pro70,Asus Pro70C,Asus Pro70D,Asus Pro70DB,Asus Pro70DC,Asus Pro70F,Asus Pro70J,Asus Pro70S,Asus Pro70SV,Asus Pro70T,Asus Pro70V,Asus X72P,Asus X72Q,Asus X72S,Asus X72SA,Asus X72SL,Asus X72SR,Asus X72T,Asus X72TL,Asus X72TLL,Asus X72TP,Asus X72V,Asus X72VM,Asus X72VN,Asus X72VR,Asus X90SV,Asus M70,Asus M70L,Asus M70M,Asus M70S,Asus M70SA,Asus M70SR,Asus M70SV,Asus M70T,Asus M70TL,Asus M70V,Asus M70VC,Asus M70VM,Asus M70VN,Asus M70VR,Asus Pro73,Asus Pro73S,Asus Pro73SA,Asus Pro73SR,Asus Pro73V,Asus Pro73VM,Asus Pro73VN,Asus Pro73VR,Asus Pro75,Asus Pro75V,Asus Pro75VN,Asus Pro76,Asus Pro76S,Asus Pro76SI,Asus X71,Asus X71A,Asus X71P,Asus X71Q,Asus X71S,Asus X71SL,Asus X71SR,Asus X71T,Asus X71TL,Asus X71TP,Asus X71V,Asus X71VM,Asus X71VN,Asus X90,Asus X90SC,Asus G71,Asus G71G,Asus G71GX,Asus G71JX,Asus G71V,Asus G71VG,Asus Pro72,Asus Pro72A,Asus Pro72J,Asus Pro72Q,Asus Pro72S,Asus Pro72Si,Asus Pro72SL,Asus Pro72V,Asus Pro72VN,Asus Pro76SL

Specifications for Baterija Green Cell za Asus G71 G72 F70 M70 Ks71 / 14,4V 4400mAh

Kapaciteta 4400mAh
Punjači za mobilni
Napon 14.8V (14.4V)

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